Finding Better Auto Glass

Do you need to replace the glass around your home after storm damage? Learn how you can choose windows and mirrors that suit you.

Replacing A Glass Pane In Your Wooden Window? Don’t Make These Big Mistakes

14 November 2016
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A misguided ball, an accidental bump, a fallen tree limb—there are a lot of ways in which glass panes get broken in wooden windows, especially those that are older and have glass that is not so resilient to start with. If you are like most homeowners, you will simply take measurements of the broken glass and make your way to the glass shop for a new pane. However simple it may sound to slap in a new piece of glass in your wooden windows, this is actually a task that can take some time to get right. Read More …

How To Know When Your Home Windows Should Be Replaced

10 November 2016
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As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you are well aware of the times when you will need to have your home windows replaced. To help you with this, you may want to read through the following information. There Is A Crack Even if the crack cannot be felt from the outside when you run your fingers along the glass, it is still a good sign that it is time to replace that window. Read More …

About Exterior Air Coming Through Residential Windows

8 November 2016
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Does a substantial amount of air come through your home windows? If you never experienced the problem when the windows were first installed, it is possible that they are simply in need of a few repairs. However, a higher quality of windows might be needed if the problem has always been present. This article will go over a few of the things that may need to be done to prevent air from coming through your home windows. Read More …

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting Services in the Sun Belt

7 November 2016
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Everything below the 36th parallel line of the Earth is considered the "sun belt" in the U.S. These regions get a constant blast of sunshine, and, while that may be good for people, it is not so good for their possessions. The blast of bright sunlight, combined with stronger exposure to UV rays, has a tendency to bleach, blanch, and fry everything the sun and its rays touch, including indoor objects. Read More …

Tips For Designing A Luxurious Walk-In Shower

4 November 2016
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The buzz these days for deluxe master bathrooms is all about the walk-in shower. Busy lifestyles rarely allow for a lot of soaking time, so many homeowners are getting rid of their tub and shower combo in favor of separating the two – or omitting the bathtub altogether. If you're planning a new or remodeled bathroom, design a luxurious walk-in shower. Go for Frameless Glass An open layout complements almost any décor style. Read More …

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Finding Better Auto Glass

Not many things are more intimidating than dealing with cracked or damaged windows. Unfortunately, a few years ago I realized that my home's windows would need a full-scale replacement after a large storm did quite a number on the home. I contacted a few different businesses in the area, and I was able to find a place that offered so many different options for window glass. They came out, installed the new windows and glass accents, and even helped me to clean up window frames. This blog is all about choosing the best glass for all areas of your home.