Replacing A Glass Pane In Your Wooden Window? Don't Make These Big Mistakes

Do you need to replace the glass around your home after storm damage? Learn how you can choose windows and mirrors that suit you.

Replacing A Glass Pane In Your Wooden Window? Don't Make These Big Mistakes

14 November 2016
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A misguided ball, an accidental bump, a fallen tree limb—there are a lot of ways in which glass panes get broken in wooden windows, especially those that are older and have glass that is not so resilient to start with. If you are like most homeowners, you will simply take measurements of the broken glass and make your way to the glass shop for a new pane. However simple it may sound to slap in a new piece of glass in your wooden windows, this is actually a task that can take some time to get right. Here is a quick look at few common mistakes to avoid when replacing a pane of glass in your wooden window. 

Mistake: Measuring only the inside of the window trim.

Why? When you measure your window for a new piece of glass, don't measure only the perimeter of the frame. You will need to account for the depth of the small trim pieces that actually hold the pane of glass in place. These small pieces are usually pretty narrow, but if you don't take them into account, you will end up with a piece of glass that is far too small to fit. 

Mistake: Buying glass that is too thick compared to what was broken. 

Why? If your windows are older, there is a good chance that the glass inside is a lot different than what you would go out and buy at a glass shop for the average modern window. If you simply measure the glass pane you need and go pick up a piece of glass, there is a good chance the glass you get will be too thick for the window frame. It is always a good idea to take along a piece of the broken glass if you have it on hand when you go order a new piece. If no pieces of the broken glass are available, try to take a measurement of the groove where the glass will be set so you can give the glass worker an idea of the thickness you need. 

MistakeNot cleaning all of the debris out of the window frame before installing the new glass pane. 

Why? After a pane of glass is broken, the tiniest shards of glass can fall into the frame, which makes it incredibly difficult to get a new pane in and make it sit straight. Before you get started installing the new glass, use a small broom or scrub brush to sweep away all of the tiny tidbits of glass and debris. If you have to, remove the small trim pieces carefully by pulling out the small staples or nails and remove the hiding bits of glass inside. 

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