Shopping For Glass Shower Doors

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Shopping For Glass Shower Doors

6 December 2016
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Are you interested in glass shower doors? Perhaps you have seen frame designs and determined that this is something that you must include in a bathroom upgrade. You may even be like some people who mistakenly think that they will not be able to get frameless glass shower doors due to the design or size of their bathrooms. The following information will equip you with the knowledge you need to determine which style glass shower door will be ideal for your bathroom.


This is an option that you can choose if you have a large bathroom. It is designed with the shower recessed into the area showering, which creates a spacious shower. You may have seen this type of shower in a hotel or spa. There is a glass panel that is designed to keep excess water from splashing on the floor. 


You will also need more bathroom space if you want a glass shower door with a pivot design. This type opens outward in a similar fashion to a door. This means that you will have to have space for it to open safely. This is an option that could work for many traditional family homes in the master bathroom areas. If your bathroom is cramped and you have room in one of the corners, you could choose to have a small shower installed with a pivot design door.  This would be ideal for bathrooms that feature a jacuzzi style tub in the center of the room.


You have likely seen sliding glass shower doors from yesteryear.  Today's glass shower enclosures feature more options for design. For example, you have likely seen older glass shower doors that slide straight across. The older design can cause moisture issues between glass, and over time gunk can get stuck in the tracks of these older style glass showers. A modern approach to sliding glass shower doors features a curved design that slides effortlessly into the other curved side of the shower. This can eliminate some of the qualms many people have about older designs. It also offers a more modern appearance. Sliding door options are ideal for small bathrooms. The key is choosing a design that will require minimal maintenance. 

A glass shower door supplier or installer like Enterprise Glass Co Inc is a good resource to use to determine the best shower door for your bathroom. They can also help you locate specialty glass such as etched, fogless, and stained options. 

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