About Exterior Air Coming Through Residential Windows

Do you need to replace the glass around your home after storm damage? Learn how you can choose windows and mirrors that suit you.

About Exterior Air Coming Through Residential Windows

8 November 2016
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Does a substantial amount of air come through your home windows? If you never experienced the problem when the windows were first installed, it is possible that they are simply in need of a few repairs. However, a higher quality of windows might be needed if the problem has always been present. This article will go over a few of the things that may need to be done to prevent air from coming through your home windows.

1. Get the Frames Inspected

It might seem as though air comes directly through the glass panes, but it can actually be getting into your house through the frames. For example, sometimes wooden window frames become cracked as time passes by. The cracks make it easy for exterior air to come inside of your house. Carpenter ants and other pests can make holes in wooden window frames and cause problems as well. Frames that are metal can develop holes from becoming rusty and old.

2. Purchase Windows with Multiple Panes

If your home windows have never been replaced and your house is old, they are likely just not energy efficient. You might need to get new windows, especially if there is no explainable reason for air to be coming through them. Older windows may not have thick glass panes like most of the modern ones are manufactured with. Modern windows are also commonly manufactured with more than one pane of glass, which is one of the best methods for keeping exterior air out.

3. Get Argon Gas Inserted Between Glass Panes

It is possible that you need a little extra insulation for keeping exterior air from flowing through the glass panes. If you have windows that are designed with two thin glass panes, the resolution to the problem might be to get argon gas inserted. Argon gas acts as a great window insulator because it is a lot denser than the air coming in from the outside of your house.

4. Make Sure Chips in the Glass Are Repaired

No matter how modern your home windows are, they will not prevent exterior air from coming in if the glass panes are in bad shape. For example, if you went through a hailstorm that caused the glass to become chipped, repairs will need to be made. A professional can actually fill in chips of a certain size with a special product that makes the glass look as though no damage was ever done. Reserve a date for a contractor to repair your home windows.

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