Perfect Shower Enclosures For Your Elderly Parents

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Perfect Shower Enclosures For Your Elderly Parents

1 May 2019
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Having parents move in can be fun if you and your children love to be around your family. If your parents are moving in due to age, making changes to the landscape of the house can help them get around by themselves without any issues. One of the most dangerous places for elderly individuals is inside of a shower. The slippery surface makes the shower the most likely place your parents will slip and fall. To keep your parents safe and allow them mobility in the bathroom, you should get a shower enclosure that helps your parents during bath time. here are some perfect features that you need in a shower enclosure for aging parents. 

Change to a walk-in shower enclosure

A shower curtain and liner can become a nuisance especially for those who are older. Having to clean a shower curtain can be tedious. Curtains are also not strong enough to grip and can easily cause a fall if the liner is too long. Change the restroom that your parents will be using to have a shower enclosure. A walk in shower enclosure will keep your parents from having to hoist themselves in the tub and will give them plenty of space to roam around or sit comfortably. If one of your parents is in a wheelchair, they will be able to wheel themselves into the shower and sit on an installed bench without needing aid. 

Install handles on all 4 sides

Having handles will give your parents a place to grasp while entering, exiting, and during their shower or bath. Install shower handles on all four sides of the shower, including the entry enclosure so that your parents will be able to hold on no matter where they are in the shower. Be sure to match the handle installation with your parent's height so that they will not have to bend down or reach too high in order to hold onto the handles. 

Make the glass frosted

If you and your parents or your parents and children will be sharing a bathroom, you should choose a shower enclosure with frosted glass. Frosted glass will provide a measure of privacy even if your parents need to leave the door open to call for help in case of a fall. If anyone goes into the bathroom while another person is taking a shower, they will be able to preserve some level of distance.

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