3 Reasons To Install Impact Doors On Your Rental Units

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3 Reasons To Install Impact Doors On Your Rental Units

22 September 2018
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Impact doors, which are designed to be very strong and hard to break, are popular among homeowners and commercial property owners alike. These doors are popular for a reason and might make a great addition to your rental units. These are some of the reasons why.

1. Protect Units and Tenants from Break-Ins

First, your tenants might be worried about break-ins impacting their safety and resulting in the loss of their valuables. Along with being worried about your tenants, you might also be worried about how a break-in could affect your units and lead to serious damage. For the protection of both your tenants and your units, installing impact doors helps. These doors are much more difficult to be broken into, helping to greatly cut down on the risk of break-ins.

2. Reduce Damage That You Have to Repair

Things get damaged in rental units all the time. Even if you choose the best tenants that you can find and even if those tenants put in a big effort to take good care of your property, there is always going to be damage that you have to deal with. Buying higher-grade and more durable materials can help cut down on damages and can help you save money on repairs, though. For example, choosing impact doors that are much more durable can lead to doors that can last for a lot longer, even with rougher use, saving you time and money.

3. Make Units Quieter

Impact doors actually have some soundproofing qualities that are actually perfect for rental units, even if they weren't originally designed for this purpose. Impact doors installed on apartment units, for example, help with reducing how much your tenants can hear one another when they're enjoying their own units. This helps everyone get a little bit of peace of quiet and allows you to avoid receiving as many noise complaint phone calls.

Installing impact doors on your rental units is a great idea if you're a landlord. If you're already going to be replacing the doors on your units -- such as if you are remodeling or if the doors are worn out -- then now is a great time to go ahead and make the switch to impact doors. If not, you might want to slowly phase in this improvement until all of your units have impact doors. This will provide you and your tenants both with the above-mentioned benefits and more.

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