Transform Your Old Bathroom

Do you need to replace the glass around your home after storm damage? Learn how you can choose windows and mirrors that suit you.

Transform Your Old Bathroom

6 December 2017
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If you are looking to update your bathroom, there are many things you can do that will change the overall look but not cost as much as a total remodeling job. Here are five ideas to spruce up your bathroom without it costing a lot:

Add New Fixtures

A total gut job and changing your bathroom's floor plan isn't cheap, but changing out your toilet and washroom basin is. A new toilet can also help you save money by installing a water reducing tank model. Old vanities are good at making a bathroom look dated. They also often have water damage or mold and mildew, rendering any storage they might offer unusable. Install both a new toilet and a bathroom sink for a fresh new look. Be sure to add new faucets to your sinks.

Update Your Shower

If your current bathroom has a tub with an old metal surround, complete with mildew and gunk in the frame, it's definitely time for an update. A glass company can help you pick out a new and modern glass shower enclosure that will be sure to bring your bathroom into the 21st Century. You'll also want to update the faucet as well as install a new shower head. Consider a showerhead that simulates rain or has massage options to make your bathroom more spa-like.

Add High-End Flooring

Bathrooms are small, which makes them the perfect space to use pricier products you wouldn't normally use in larger spaces. With a small space, you can afford to choose unique or one-of-a-kind hand-painted tiles or marble flooring, for example. Depending on your budget, you may be able to use the same tile or marble to create a stunning tub surround, too.

Add A New Light Fixture

Get rid of that dusty, dated, and dim light fixture that's been hanging from the ceiling since the late Seventies. Choose an updated, modern light fixture that will add to the overall design concept you are going for. You may also want to install a new lighted mirror over your wash basins. Consider adding a light fixture that has a ceiling fan or a bathroom exhaust fan, especially if your bathroom doesn't have a working window or other sources of ventilation.

Add Décor

Lastly, switch out your old décor for new stuff. Give the room a fresh coat of paint, buy new towels, bathroom rugs, and hang up some new artwork to complete your transformation.

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