4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Glass Door Repair Company

Do you need to replace the glass around your home after storm damage? Learn how you can choose windows and mirrors that suit you.

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Glass Door Repair Company

30 August 2017
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There are many reasons as to why you may need glass door repair at your place of business. Perhaps vandals broke a glass pane overnight, or maybe a hail storm has caused one of the glass panes on your door to chip. Either way, finding a reputable glass door repair company will be key in getting the repair done correctly and in a timely manner. As you shop around with glass door repair services in your area, be sure to ask a few key questions before you decide on one.

What Are the Repair Options?

If it's not obvious what repair needs done, ask the company that comes out to give you a quote for all the repair options available. For example, a chipped glass pane in your door may be repaired with a glass kit, or the entire pane may be repaired. Having a quote for both of your options, as well as a genuine recommendation from the company, will help you make the right decision for your needs and budget,

What's Included in Your Quote?

Always find out exactly what's included in a glass repair quote versus what might end up costing you extra. For example, if you need glass pane replacement on a dual-pane door, does your estimated cost include replacing both panes so they match, or just the broken one? If the existing pane had an insulating glaze on it, will this be included in the price of the new pane as well? What about clean-up and disposal of old glass? Getting an all-inclusive quote will help you make the right decision.

Do You Offer a Guarantee or Warranty?

Any reputable glass door repair company should offer some kind of warranty or guarantee not just on the materials, but on their workmanship as well. If the company you're considering won't stand behind their work, you could end up with future door problems that you'll have to pay another company to come out and fix.

How Can Future Issues Be Avoided?

Your glass door company can also provide you with useful advice on avoiding future problems from arising. For example, if you have a problem with vandals in your area, not only could you consider a surveillance system, but the company may be able to install a shatter-protective coating on the door glass as well.

Asking these questions before you hire a glass door repair company, like Caplan Bros Inc, will help you make an informed decision.

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