3 Shower Enclosures To Consider And Their Benefits

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3 Shower Enclosures To Consider And Their Benefits

27 December 2016
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One of the most popular and beneficial renovations that you can perform on your bathroom is to replace your current shower area with a shower enclosure, mostly because shower enclosures can provide a whole host of benefits that a traditional tub and shower combination cannot really match. However, there are so many different options to go with when it comes to building a shower enclosure that many people can find it difficult to make up their minds and pick a single option. Listed below are three shower enclosures to consider and the benefits that each and every one of them provides in order to help you make a decision more easily.

Sliding Door Enclosure

One of the most popular and common types of shower enclosures to consider is a sliding door enclosure. The primary reason for this options popularity is the fact that it is the least expensive shower enclosure that you can purchase, which makes it much easier to fit into your renovation budget.

In addition, the sliding door enclosure is also the best option if you have a smaller bathroom without a lot of room to spare. Since the shower door will slide along the track, you do not need to worry about making sure that there is enough space for the door to open and close like you will with some of the other enclosures that have doors that swing outward.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Another great option to consider when building a shower enclosure is a frameless shower enclosure. This type of enclosure allows you to build your entire enclosure and shower door out of glass with the only bits of metal on the entire enclosure being the hinges that connect the door to the rest of enclosure.

This option allows your bathroom to appear much larger than it really is due to the transparent nature of the glass enclosure. This option also helps you to get a more luxurious feel since it makes the whole shower feel much larger and open, which is also a great feature if you suffer from claustrophobia or just don't like feeling like you are in a cramped space.

Textured Glass Enclosure

Finally, you should consider utilizing a textured glass enclosure when building a new shower enclosure, mostly because the textured glass can provide a stylish surface to the enclosure will also still allowing you a measure of privacy. This option is nice because the textured glass will keep anyone from seeing details through the glass while not obscuring the view through the glass entirely, which helps keep your shower from seeming too small or cramped.

Contact a contractor today to discuss what type of shower enclosure be the best fit for your particular needs and your bathroom's layout. A sliding door enclosure, frameless shower enclosure, and textured glass enclosure are all great options that will each provide its own unique set of benefits.

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