Benefits of Residential Window Tinting Services in the Sun Belt

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Benefits of Residential Window Tinting Services in the Sun Belt

7 November 2016
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Everything below the 36th parallel line of the Earth is considered the "sun belt" in the U.S. These regions get a constant blast of sunshine, and, while that may be good for people, it is not so good for their possessions. The blast of bright sunlight, combined with stronger exposure to UV rays, has a tendency to bleach, blanch, and fry everything the sun and its rays touch, including indoor objects. That is where the benefits of residential window tinting services come in.

Softer Light Indoors

Sunlight holds many benefits for humans, but in the sun belt it can also be equally hazardous to your skin and your eyes. You should not have to wear sunglasses or sunscreen when you are inside your home. Utilizing residential window tinting services inside and out of your windows means you are protecting your skin and your vision from the extreme brightness and exposure to the sun while you are indoors. 

Filtering for Stronger UV Rays

UVA and UVB rays are invisible to the naked eye. However, their damage to wood furniture, paintings, pictures, etc. is apparent over time. In the sun belt, the effects are naturally enhanced because of the position of this area in relation to the sun's rays.

As an example, if you were to place an expensive dining room table so that half of it was in direct light from the windows and the other half was not, you would see in six months' time what the UV rays have done to it. The side in direct sunlight would be bleached and possibly dry and slightly cracked, while the opposite side would remain relatively unaffected. If you apply window tinting to your windows, these affects, at the very least, would be drastically reduced if not eliminated completely.

Cooler Home and Less Expense for Cooling

The window tinting also decreases the amount of heat coming through the windows and getting stuck inside. Most people combat this by using opaque shades, but then you have to turn on the lights in the house to see. If you leave your shades up/open, then you have to contend with a higher utility bill because of the increase in cooling expenses. With the window tinting, less heat enters your home, while still allowing plenty of light. As such, you spend less money trying to keep your house cool and less money turning on all of your lights because you have the opaque shades drawn.

For more information about window tinting and its benefits, talk to a company like A-Pro Glass Tinting.

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