When Is Windshield Replacement Necessary?

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When Is Windshield Replacement Necessary?

4 November 2016
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If you need a windshield repair or replacement, you might be unsure of which to opt for. In some situations an auto glass repair in your city is the best and most affordable option, but other situations definitely require a full windshield replacement. Here are some situations where it's smart to opt for windshield replacement rather than repair.

When the Crack is Severe

If a crack is severe, then repair might be a risky option. The repair uses a type of glass glue that can hold smaller cracks together, but with larger cracks you risk having the piece crack further and potentially collapse. For cracks that are larger than six inches, a windshield replacement is probably the best idea.

When There Is Damage in Multiple Spots

Auto glass repair in your local repair shop is a good idea if there's a single crack or pit. But when there is damage in multiple spots, then the windshield is at risk. Each ding in your windshield contributes to a lack of structural integrity in the windshield. With multiple cracks or dings in different areas, you can never be sure when the pressure will cause the windshield to crack.

When There Is a Combination Crack

A combination crack is a special type of crack where multiple crack lines combine into a single crack. For instance, a crack may spread to the right from one side of the windshield and then eventually go down and touch the bottom of the windshield frame or, if there were two cracks, there might be a third crack that appears and connects them. In any case, these type of cracks are essentially loosening a piece of glass out of the windshield that could eventually completely fall out. Just hope no one is in the car at that time. Better yet, get a windshield replacement as soon as you can.

When Your Insurer Requires It

Sometimes, auto insurance companies are specific about the types of windshield repairs that they will pay for. Many insurers prefer that you get the window fully replaced. A windshield repair can be cost-effective in many circumstances, but getting a fresh pane of window glass installed is a better guarantee for insurance companies that they won't have to deal with more windshield issues in the future.

When a Windshield Repair Fails

Sometimes, despite getting a windshield repair from a great auto glass shop, your repair might fail. You may notice that the crack continues to widen away from the glass glue. In that case, many companies will apply your repair dollars to a full auto glass replacement.

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