3 Reasons Redheads Need To Tint Their Car Windows

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3 Reasons Redheads Need To Tint Their Car Windows

1 November 2016
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Having red hair makes you part of an exclusive club, since a mere of the world's population can boast being a natural redhead. Along with the benefits that come with being a redhead, you also have to worry about the risk sun exposure poses to your pale skin.

The time you spend driving in your vehicle could put you at risk of significant sun damage. Here are three reasons why, as a redhead, you need to tint your car windows.

1. Sun exposure can damage your fair skin.

People with fair skin (like redheads) are sensitive to the sun's rays. This is because those with fair skin lack the melanin needed to help the skin absorb and process the sun's rays in a healthy way.

The sun exposure that you receive when driving in your car could be causing damage on a cellular level. This damage shows up in the form of sunspots or freckles. Adding tint to your car's windows will help to filter out the sun's harmful rays, protecting your fair skin from serious damage.

2. Sun exposure can lead to premature aging.

In a society where aesthetics can make affect success and social affluence, maintaining a youthful appearance is important to many Americans. As a redhead, your fair skin could be subject to premature aging when exposed to the sun's rays while you drive. Repeated and prolonged exposure to the UV rays in sunlight can inhibit your skin's ability to repair itself.

This results in a phenomenon referred to as photoaging. The sun's UV rays break down collagen in your skin, and can prevent cells from synthesizing new supplies of collagen. This results in a loss of skin tone and texture that can make you appear older than you are. Investing in tint for your car's windows will help you avoid becoming a victim of photoaging in the future.

3. Sun exposure can be dangerous.

Scientists classify individuals with fair skin as being either type I or type II when it comes to skin type. Unfortunately, the lack of pigmentation that characterizes both type I and type II skins (which redheads commonly have) make these two skin types the most susceptible to developing malignant skin cancers.

You can protect yourself from the harmful, cancer-causing rays of the sun while you are driving by investing in tint for your auto glass. For more information, contact a business such as One Cut Glass.

When you understand the risks you take while driving in the sunlight as a redhead, it becomes easy to see that investing in tint for your car's windows can be good for your fair skin's health.

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