How to Easily De-Fog Your Car Windows

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How to Easily De-Fog Your Car Windows

28 October 2016
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If your trusty defrost button is not working or just doesn't seem to defrost your windows at a quick enough rate for you when you need to be on the go, here are a few easy ways to speed up the de-fogging process so you can get on the road more quickly when it is cold outside.

#1: Dry-Erase Board Easer

Hit up the school-supply section of your local department store and pick up a few dry-erase board erasers. These type of erasers are made out of felt and work really well at quickly removing the fog from the inside of your windshield without leaving behind streaks that will impede your view when driving.

Keep a couple of dry-erase board erasers inside of your glove compartment or storage space in the front of your vehicle so you can quickly grab one and clean your window off in a jiffy.

#2: Vinegar Spray

You can make your own spray to clear the fog off your windshield. You'll want to take a clean spray bottle and fill it about three fourths of the way with water and one fourth of the way with white vinegar.

Take the solution and spray it onto a microfiber cloth. Then use the slightly damp cloth to wipe your windshield with. This diluted vinegar spray will help quickly clean your windshield and should not leave any streaks behind.

#3: Baby Shampoo

For a more long-term solution, use the baby-shampoo method. For this method, you are going to want to use a paper towel to remove as much condensation as possible from your windshield. Then, you are going to want to put a little bit of baby shampoo onto a dry microfiber cloth. Once the shampoo is on the cloth, use it to wipe down your windshield again. This should get rid of any condensation that was left behind after wiping down your windshield with the paper towels and will transfer the baby shampoo onto your windshield.

The baby shampoo that is transferred onto your windshield should make it more difficult for water to gather on your windshield and will decrease the chance of your windshield fogging up while you are driving or at any other point in the future.

All three of the methods above will help you quickly defog your windshield without causing streaks to form. Additionally, cleaning the inside of your windshield on a regular basis, especially during the winter when your windshield is more prone to becoming foggy, should cut down on condensation forming on the inside of your windshield. Condensation likes to cling to dust and oils that you may not even be able to see on your windshield, which is why frequently washing the windshield will help cut down on the de-fogging efforts. 

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