Do you need to replace the glass around your home after storm damage? Learn how you can choose windows and mirrors that suit you.

What Your Need To Know When Replacing Your Windshield

9 October 2020
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The windshield in your car or truck has multiple jobs, including keeping you safe, dry, and protected from the weather when you are driving. If the windshield is damaged, it is essential to get it replaced, but you need to be sure you are getting the right glass and installed correctly.  Windshield Glass Windshields are made from tempered glass that contains at least one layer of polyethylene plastic between several layers of the glass. Read More …

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Not many things are more intimidating than dealing with cracked or damaged windows. Unfortunately, a few years ago I realized that my home's windows would need a full-scale replacement after a large storm did quite a number on the home. I contacted a few different businesses in the area, and I was able to find a place that offered so many different options for window glass. They came out, installed the new windows and glass accents, and even helped me to clean up window frames. This blog is all about choosing the best glass for all areas of your home.