Five Benefits Of Security Window Film

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Five Benefits Of Security Window Film

8 March 2018
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Commercial window films have multiple applications, and each type of window film has its own benefits, too. If you want your space to be cooler or warmer, there are window films for that. If you want to jazz up or add color to different areas of your home or office, there are window films that can do that as well. Perhaps the most popular and most sought-after commercial window film, however, is security window film. Here are the major benefits to using this type of commercial window film.

The Unbreakable Window

Looters cannot get through windows that are covered with security film. There are multiple YouTube videos depicting the looters and would-be thieves trying to get into a store to grab and run, but the results are the same. They are completely unsuccessful because the windows are unbreakable. Even with some of the biggest rocks these criminals attempt to chuck at store windows, the damage caused is truly minimal. 

Broken Glass Holds Together

Another benefit of this type of film is that, even if looters manage to create some damage, the adhesives and the film combined hold the damaged glass together. The damaged areas of the glass will not peel away. They do not react like a windshield in a car accident.

The glass holds, and even the tiniest bits remain sandwiched between the security films that are on both sides of the glass. Looters could spend a good amount of time trying to break the glass enough just to create a small hole, but by then the police will have arrived on the scene. Most looters only make a few attempts to smash the glass before taking off in order to avoid being arrested.

Property Damage Costs Less Than Product Loss

Think about it. You have a fabulous jewelry store with products on display in lighted windows. That is major temptation to looters, but if you have security film, the looters cannot get to the jewelry. You could display some of your most valuable pieces in the window, knowing absolutely that they are safe. 

Attempts to break the glass and loot the jewelry will fail. Better still, the damage done to the glass is literally thousands of dollars less to repair and/or replace than the value of the jewelry that could have been stolen. If you have $15,000 in jewelry in window displays, but the looter only manages to destroy the window, the window can be replaced for less than a grand, easily. That is just an example of the amazing efficacy and money-saving properties of this security film.

Lesser Charges for the Looter

You may not think of this as a benefit, but considering that the looter did not steal what he/she intended to steal because the security film prevented the theft, the looter (once caught) faces fewer and lesser charges. This may be a good thing for him/her, as he/she gets a second chance to turn his/her life around. It also means that the looter will think twice about attempting to smash windows, knowing that there is a product out there that will completely deter looters from attempting to smash and grab.

Less-Intelligent Looters Caught on Camera

Most security cameras catch would-be looters and thieves in the act. However, if you get a less-intelligent or more desperate criminal attempting to steal something from your store windows, he/she will keep trying to smash the glass covered in security film. Eventually, the perpetrator will look directly into the camera, giving the police a full facial view with which to work and find the criminal, if the criminal does not stick around long enough to be arrested on the spot.

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